Map of Isaan

Nakhon Phanom Airport situated 16 km before the main city centre

The Airport seems to be in the middle of no where. About 3 flights a day fly to Bangkok and back. Clean place, great service, as it is really not busy. Host will welcome you at the airport and drive you to the Guest House completely free. All part of the service.

The drive to the Guest house will take about 30 minutes. Enjoy the scenery on the way.

You might even see some Buffalo roaming around. This is very normal here in Isaan.

Plenty to see now you have arrived. Have fun! You might see some monks walking around , You will probably see some dogs. Don`t touch the dogs unless you know them.

However they don`t bit. They are afraid of you. Take a look at the local people going about there day to day business.

Picture of farmer in Isaan