Undiscovered Thailand

We will do everything for you to have an enjoyable stay. From airport pick up to your dietary needs.

Here day to day life is very simple and laid back. People are very friendly, living their life the old traditional way. There are many local shops and businesses in and around Pla Pak. Also there are quite a few Temples. This is not a tourist area, English is vary rarely spoken, experience this undiscovered part of Thailand. Meet real Thai people and the interesting life style.

Meet Thailand people in there home environment, where English is rarely spoken.

An experience of a lifetime

We at undiscovered Thailand will show you Thailand in a different light. Away from the hustle of the city, relax in the countryside close to the jungle.

See how local people live and meet them. Always positive, always laughing, always happy.

We aim to give you a holiday of a lifetime and we can cater to most of your needs.